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Good combo with snow on Sneffels and golden aspens below

Snow doesn't halt the current of the Arkansas River in Canon City, CO.  This was a late season snowstorm around Memorial Day!  Care to take a dip?

Snow blankets a walking path.

A wider view of the prior image, taken with a great backdrop of Colorado's Sangre De Cristo mountains.

An old homestead with a Sangres sunset.  A fine combination.

Standing tall in Colorado after a brief snow. Notice how the wind blew the snow on just one side of this tree.  Makes it look like a painting to me.

The Beckwith mansion, an historic site in Custer County, Colorado.

A few years ago, a fire scorched the Royal Gorge Bridge area in Colorado.  This tree reminds me of the devastation.   However, I like the tree's determination to remain standing.

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