Click the link above to enjoy background music that blends well with the photos you scroll through.  "Adventure" by Ehrling

 Waterfalls, seascapes, beaches, mountains & canyons.  Where to begin?  I hope the photos do Kauai justice. If not, we will have to return.

The Spouting Horn section in Kauai.

A couple of locals fishing off this pier.

Sittin' under the dock of the bay, watchin' the waves go by.....

The threatening clouds drifted out to the sea, leaving this boat in peace.

  Something to be said about taking photos in bare feet!  This is how I started my day.  Beach-goers were quick to grab a beach chair from their condo to sit and watch the morning unfold.  (That is, beach-goers who were not glued to their smartphones).

Helicopter view of a bit of the Na Pali coast.  The light rain added atmosphere & challenged this photographer.

Hanalei Bay is a special place.  Here's the well-known pier that people can walk out onto and jump off into the bay!  Lucky people.

It's another tequila sunrise starin' across the sky...

Waimea Canyon made me do a "double-take"!  Just your basic roadside pullover.  Aptly called the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific".  "Absolutely stunning" as one of my favorite landscape photographers says. 

"Postcard".  Another hard day at the office.....

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