Click the link above to enjoy background music that blends well with the photos you scroll through.  "Adventure" by Ehrling

 Waterfalls, seascapes, beaches, mountains & canyons.  Where to begin?  I hope the photos do Kauai justice. If not, we will have to return.
  Something to be said about a "doors off" helicopter ride.  We did it, braving the light rain.

The Spouting Horn section in Kauai.

A couple of locals fishing off this pier. A tough life, undoubtedly.

"Postcard".  Another hard morning on a beach.....

Sittin' under the dock of the bay, watchin' the waves go by.....

The threatening clouds drifted out to the sea, leaving this boat in peace.

Hanalei Bay is a special place.  Here's the well-known pier that people can walk out onto and jump off into the bay!  Lucky people.

Helicopter view of a bit of the Na Pali coast.  The light rain added atmosphere & challenged this photographer.  Surreal.

It's another tequila sunrise starin' across the sky...

Waimea Canyon made me do a "double-take"!  Just your basic roadside pullover.  Aptly called the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific".  "Absolutely stunning" as one of my favorite landscape photographers says. 

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