Feel free to click the link above to add music to your viewing experience.  The music fits.  "Green Fields" by scottholmesmusic.com

Sunrise greets this old homestead in Grand Teton N.P.

Historic cabin in the Great Smoky Mt. N.P.

Time to put up these large hay bales before the storm hits in southwestern Colorado.

An old Colorado ranch pitched up against mountains.  Sunset ends a chilly day.

From inside an old Smoky Mountain cabin gazing at the red leaves.

One of the rarer two-story cabins in the Smoky Mountains.

 Endless rolling wheat fields of the Palouse.  

Napa Valley vineyards.

Another old cabin in the Smokies.

Rural Colorado barn in Custer County

The rolling green fields in the Palouse.  Simple & uncluttered.

Rolling wheat fields of the Palouse

A field of golden canola in the Palouse---Washington state.

Grain silo in the Palouse--Washington State

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