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Sunset at Cathedral Mountain in Sedona, AZ.  

I don't know that Factory Butte is really a mountain, but is it unique?  Heck, yeah it is.

 San Juan tapestry!

Molas Lake has some fog this morning.  Majestic San Juans in the background.

Impressive Mt. Wilson catches morning light in Colorado.

On our trip (Nov. 2022) to Zion N.P., i discovered that the rangers had banned standing or stopping on the bridge since the time that I took this photo (when it was legal).  I'm hoping that widening the walkway on this short bridge would be worthwhile.  It had been a very crowded spot for photographers, so I can understand the ban.  This view is called the Watchman.

Outside of Kayenta, AZ.  We had been snowed out of the Monument Valley Tribal park, so we made the best of the situation on a frosty morning.

My favorite mountain, Mt. Sneffels.  You know this is Colorado! Worth getting up early & waiting for the sunrise.  Bundle up if you come here on a late September's first light.

Iconic Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.  Early morning light before bunches of people arrive for an outing.

Old lodgepole fence

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