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Oh, the wondrous cross.  This well-known shot was taken from inside the Church of the Transfiguration in Grand Teton N.P.  The black "border" is actually the wood surrounding the big window at the altar.  Ponder for a moment.....

I call this image Colliding Seasons.  On the left at lower elevation is fall.  On the right Mr. Snow does his thing.  San Juan tapestry!

Smoky Mountain sunset.

A blustery wind and falling temperatures signal "snow" is the future in southwest Colorado.  Not much warning of this storm other than these low lying clouds.

Barn in Southwestern Colorado

My favorite mountain, Mt. Sneffels.  You know this is Colorado! Worth getting up early & waiting for the sunrise.  Bundle up if you come here on a late September's first light.

Changing seasons in the San Juan Mountains.  Good timing on this trip getting snow but patches of aspens were still in their golden glory.  Once every few years, you get lucky!

The iconic "Watchman" at Zion N.P.  I was elbow to elbow with 50 other photographers.  Ugh!

Old lodgepole fence

What in the world?  The Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.

Still morning reflection in Colorado.

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