How do you spell "surreal"?  B-E-N-T-O-N-I-T-E  H-I-L-L-S 

One more for good measure-- The Bentonite Hills near Capitol Reef N.P. in Utah are a wild & crazy place!

A man & his on a hazy summer morning.

I admit that I was nervous putting the Gnat up over this scene in Utah.  I launched him over the steep drop off of 1000 feet, knowing that if he went down, I would not be able to retrieve him.  Fortunately, he dutifully returned to home.  Some call this place the Mars Overlook.

This tranquil ranch has Mt. Wilson as a towering backdrop.

What could be more fun than to drone fall colors in Colorado?

Lost Lake near Crested Butte.  Great spot for a picnic.

The Gnat has been buzzing around our fair city lately.  He captured this shot of The Holy Cross Abbey, an historic monastery.

My drone (a.k.a. "the gnat") is pitched against a white, puffy cloud.  He's working hard at 12,00 feet elevation to get a shot of the pond.

A popular tourist attraction in Canon City. is The Royal Gorge Route train.  It takes you into the Royal Gorge right along the Arkansas River, which is pictured just to the left of the train. The ride provides unique views that you can't get anywhere else.  It's especially cool to watch whitewater rafters & kayakers paddling down the river during the summer!  This location is called Tunnel Drive, a popular hiking trail.

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