Enjoy a tune by Ehrling.

Unique?  Bizarre?  That would be the "cracked eggs" of the Bisti Badlands in NM.  Two photo pals & I trekked here in the dark with headlamps to get here for sunrise.

The Royal Gorge Bridge, our local tourist attraction, located a few miles west of Canon City, CO.  The Arkansas River runs below the bridge.

Famous Moulton Barn in Jackson, WY.  With the background of the Grand Tetons, it's easy to see why tons of photos have been taken here.

My wife is quite adept at photography as seen by her shot of this Smoky Mountain morning!

It's as if you're on another planet (take your pick).  This is moonscape overlook in Utah.  I shot this from the top.  My guess is that the floor is 1000 feet down.

Colorado's majestic San Juan mountains....a sliver of heaven.

The first snowfall in late September in the Telluride area.

Selectman's Bridge in Acadia N.P.  Almost a painting, wouldn't you say?

A sunrise in the Smokey Mountain N.P.

The rolling tundra of wheat fields in the Palouse area of Washington state.

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