Enjoy "Champagne Ocean" by Ehrling

Oak Creek runs through Sedona, AZ.  Cathedral Mountain in the background.  Not bad for a mid-day shot.  Jackson, our golden retriever, thought this was a great spot to cool off!

Smoky Mountain boulder field.

Calf Creek Falls in Utah.  A short hike dead ends here.  Great to dip our feet in the water to cool down.

Sunlight puts the spotlight on this lone waterfall in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

A covered bridge near Conway, N.H.

Somewhere in the Smoky Mountains.  Too many streams to keep track of!

An old cobblestone bridge in Acadia N.P.

A roadside pull off in central Colorado.  I wasn't expecting this view with mid-day light.  

Silver Falls State Park near Salem, Oregon.  One of several falls in this park. Those three huge tree trunks were interesting & pointed to the falls.

The Mingus Mill in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.  Kinda tricky to get this angle, but worth it!  If you guessed this was captured in the fall, you would be right. The flowing water kept the ferns green.

Smoky Mountain N.P.....where streams abound, peacefully nestled in the forests.

A waterfall in the Columbia River Gorge that is NOT named Multnomah Falls.

Kancamagus Highway --- New Hampshire

Hard to beat the combo of fall colors & streams in N.H.!

Solitude deep in Acadia N.P.

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