Feel free to click this link to add some music to your viewing experience.  This is "epic Cinematic" by scottholmesmusic.com

Pemaquid Point LH in Maine.  Carefully trekked below this lighthouse to get this early morning shot.  The ocean is just a few yards away to the right.  What a peaceful way to start the day.  

Bass Harbor LH in Acadia N.P.  The rocks at the point where I stood were tricky to navigate with my photo gear, but worth it.
Cape Mendocino Light, Shelter Cove, NorCal

Yaquina Head L.H. just north of Newport, Oregon

Sunset at Yaquina Head LH just north of Newport, Oregon. 

The winds whipped the waves on this day.  I edited with an old-fashioned, "painting" look on this overcast day around Bandon, Oregon.

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