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One of my favorites above, displaying a vivid green reflection and Multnomah Falls in the distance.

God's Creation is awesome!  I try to capture a few slices of it on this website.
We are gearing up for our annual Western Colorado fall colors adventure.  It's my favorite time of year.  I'll try to find some new locations as well as revisit old favorites.  It will be hard to beat last fall as we got great weather that dumped snow on the high mountains.
Over Memorial Day, 2023, we had a fun trip to Utah & dipped down to Monument Valley. Utah has bunches of great spots and this year I did an overnight trip to White Pocket, which was quite the experience.  We had the best pie ever in Capitol Reef N.P.  We have their decal on our 4-Runner that says:  Life is what you bake it!  Oh, such clever folks.
We had drone fun at the Bentonite Hills, Moonscape Overlook, and Factory Butte.  Stay tuned for photos of those "out of this world" places!  
We produced our first YouTube videos!  Click the YouTube icon at the bottom of any page.  We've got several so far, including The Oregon Coast, in which my wife plays a beautiful song that she composed on the piano.  I'll be adding more drone shots.
If you are interested in buying an image, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page or phone/text:  (719) 285-9139 or (719) 285-9129. There are many print options so it's difficult to quote a price.
​​​​​​​My trusty Nikon D810 is now my backup camera.  I  upgraded to his big brother, the highly regarded D850.  I figured that on a long photo trip, it would give me peace of mind to have a backup, in case one camera fails.


Internet and YouTube photographers buzz about Adobe's release (Adobe Photoshop 2024) where you can generate/add items to your existing image.  I've seen videos raving about it and others claiming it marks the end of original photography.  I've seen an image where the editor adds a dog to his image.  The dog is generated by Adobe and is not a real dog, though the dog looks real.  It's amazing where AI is taking us.
Here's my opinion on AI.  I don't like the idea of adding something AI to an image that was not there. That blurs the line of real photography and bleeds over to almost painting an image that often is unrealistic. I use PS to edit out distracting items....like a branch, a piece of trash, phone lines, or even a person.  I use PS, sometimes, to replace a boring, blue sky, if I think the image will improve.  However, I have built up an extensive "sky bank" and only use my photos.

I'm curious of your thoughts.  Please leave a comment if you want to chime in!

Thank you!
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