On each page, there's a link (the gray triangle above) to click if you want to listen to background music of Scott Holmes ("Epic Cinematic" by scottholmesmusic.com).  My goal is to give you an oasis from your routine. 

 I hope that time spent here is relaxing for you and that you enjoy the images as much as I did in taking them. I can't help but marvel at God's Creation!  It's awesome!

Our 2022  fall colors tour of Western Colorado was a smashing success.  One day, the fall colors were dandy, but lacked snow; We woke up the next morning to snow on the higher mountain peaks!  Toss in a few low clouds and it was a couple of special days!  We located the infamous "curvy aspens" that you may have heard of.  "They" are secretive about the exact location.  I won't be revealing it either since we have joined the "club".  I've checked the curvy aspens off my bucket list.
We pulled off a fun adventure in early November to Utah.  The Narrows in Zion N.P. was successfully navigated.  My wife said to me right before the hike, "let it be timeless".  Sure enough, i lost my wristwatch somewhere in the Narrows.  We also saw goblins and a place that looked like Mars (not that I have ever visited there).  And, praise God that we stayed ahead of a predicted snowstorm!
I have a lot of fun with this website depicting God's handiwork. If you like it, then that's an added bonus! 
If you are interested in buying an image, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page or phone/text:  (719) 285-9139 or (719) 285-9129. There are a lot of print options so it's difficult to quote a price.
The new thing for this "retired" guy is getting a drone from my wife.   It takes high resolution photos.  I have a new page "Aerial Photography" for drone images.  I am now an FAA certified commercial drone pilot.  Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?  I did that to comply with the FAA rules.  I never expected to know anything about airport maps and air space! 
I have not abandoned my trusty full-frame Nikon D810.  I guess I'm "old school" since I have not gone mirrorless!  I strive to improve my post processing skills in my  "digital darkroom" when I can't be out in the field shooting.  It is amazing what today's editing software does.
Thank you!
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