On each page, there's a link (the gray triangle above) to click on if you want to listen to background music of Scott Holmes ("Epic Cinematic" by scottholmesmusic.com).  My goal is to give you an oasis from your everyday routine. 

I hope that time spent here is relaxing for you and that you enjoy the images as much as I did in taking them. I can't help but marvel at God's Creation!

From the majestic Colorado mountains to the variety packed into our National Parks, I marvel at the handiwork of God.  I think the USA is a great place to live.
Retired from the legal profession, I have time to shoot landscapes. I live in Colorado with my supporting wife. Frankly, I have this website for my own enjoyment.  If you like it, then that's an added bonus. 
I typically have a couple images displayed at the Fremont Center for the Arts (FCA) in Canon City, CO.  We are members in the FCA and support their efforts. My images have earned a ribbon or two in FCA's shows.
It's truly rewarding when someone buys an image because it will probably be displayed in their home. If you are interested in buying an image please fill out the form at the bottom of this page or phone/text:  (719) 285-9139.  I enjoy the fresh air and solitude that a location can provide.   Even "iconic" images can be unique, given one's creativity in processing an image, the light, the weather, time of day, and the season of the image.  
I've added a new page, Abstracts & Intimates, for your review of images that you won't see elsewhere.  It was time for something new.
For 2021,  Grand Teton, Yellowstone, and the Badlands National Parks were on the slate. We had to postpone our Tetons trip in June due to SNOW, rain, sleet conditions for most of our scheduled days.  Next, we cancelled our Badlands adventure as the extended forecast was in the mid-90"s.  With the long days & traveling with our golden retriever, Jackson, we decided to wait for cooler days.  We've rescheduled the Tetons for October.  
I shoot a full-frame Nikon D810, but I believe composition rules over the latest & greatest gear. I guess I'm "old school" since I have not gone mirrorless!  I strive to improve my post processing skills in my  "digital darkroom" task when I can't be out in the field shooting.
Thank you!
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