"Sun Kissed" by Scott Holmes at scottholmesmusic.com

Music and photos are a splendid combo!

The red leaves of this tree stood out in a foggy morning in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Morning fog & an old cabin tucked away in the Great Smoky Mountain N.P.   I nabbed this photo before the Iphone crowd intruded.

In Acadia N.P.  An iconic image primarily because it is just off the highway and "everyone" stops there. The small, white sign on the left of the house says "Selectman's Bridge 1789".  A Selectman was like a city councilman, I'm told.

Pockets of red with a threatening sky

Highway 550 in southwest Colorado is known as the Million Dollar Highway.  Do you wonder why?

Above Crystal Lake in Colorado's San Juan Mountains.

Good Crested Butte morning!

Brilliant fall colors paint this turf in the Smoky Mountains.

The aspens and mountains in & around Crested Butte seem to go on forever.  Lots of room to explore.  We hit prime colors in early October, 2019.

Endless aspen grove around Crested Butte, CO

The morning sun & clouds cooperated on this Crested Butte morning!

Plenty of fresh, mountain air! A reason why people visit Colorado in the fall.

An old cobblestone bridge nestled in Acadia N.P.

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