"Sun Kissed" by Scott Holmes at scottholmesmusic.com

Music and photos are a splendid combo!

How can a lone tree grow out of this "brain rock" stuff?  Only in White Pocket at the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument in northern Arizona.  Wild stuff!  Check out our YouTube video on this unique place.

I finally found the curvy aspens!  It was on my bucket list.  I'd been searching the internet, but the precise location of them was always vague.  I won't reveal the spot.

I managed to get a "starburst" effect on this!

Seriously good light and a great morning.  Not a soul around.  Jackson, our Golden, thoroughly approved!

Cushman Lake here as fall and winter clash.

The Crested Butte, CO area can be a "gold mine" of colors!

The Million Dollar Highway above Ouray, CO.  Keep your eyes on the road no matter the beautiful scenery.  Helps to have a driver1

Big Creek nestled in Great Smoky Mountain N.P.  Caught the fading afternoon light.

The San Juans are hard to beat in late September.

An old mill was a way of life to the settlers in the Smoky Mountains.

Highway 550 in southwest Colorado is known as the Million Dollar Highway.  Do you wonder why?

I like the fog in the background as it covers distractions back there.  Helps me focus on the cobblestone bridge in Acadia N.P.

In Acadia N.P.  An iconic image primarily because it is just off the highway and "everyone" stops there. The small, white sign on the left of the house says "Selectman's Bridge 1789".  A Selectman was like a city councilman, I'm told.

Crested Butte 2022 just didn't disappoint. Pockets of red & orange with a threatening sky.

Japanese Garden in Portland, OR.

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