We're not in Kansas anymore.  The unique terrain of central Utah.

The sun lit this young tree just right.  A waterfall in the background will cause the tree to prosper for years.

Factory Butte in Utah.  A close-up of interesting ridges.

Clouds mix with the San Juan Mountains in Colorado.  They signal an impending storm.  And, the next morning, snow hit the higher peaks.

Somewhere in an Oregon forest....brimming with life.

A meeting of the Goblins....tons of them at Goblin Valley State Park in Utah

This ice-encased twig in the Arkansas River caught my eye on a winter's day.

This was an odd-looking stump at some beach in beautiful Kauai.  I took a long exposure to get these smooth blue waves.  The stump looks like a sea monster to me.  Perhaps, I consumed too much coffee this particular morning!

An endless sea of aspens around Crested Butte, CO.  The side-lighting from the left helped give this image depth from the side.  The inverted V-shape in the middle (look closely) provided additional depth.  It also helped that nobody else was around!

If you are wondering, I simply call this blurred aspens.  I swear I was sober as a judge when I took this image.

Great Sand Dunes National Park allows interesting vistas as well as this close-up shot.  I think it's hard to tell how far away I was when I got this shot.  (Answer:  about three feet!)

The red leaves first caught my eye.  Then, these white-barked birches (?) made the rest of this composition by providing a vivid contrast.  This is around Maggie's Valley, near the Great Smoky Mountain N.P.

Two red leaves.

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