Clouds mix with the San Juan Mountains in Colorado.  They signal an impending storm.  And, the next morning, snow hit the higher peaks.

This was an odd-looking stump at some beach in beautiful Kauai.  I took a long exposure to get these smooth blue waves.  The stump looks like a sea monster to me.  Perhaps, I consumed too much coffee this particular morning!

This ice-encased twig in the Arkansas River caught my eye on a winter's day.

I spied this lone silver birch (or is it a maple?) just feet from a pond in Acadia National Park.  It looked naked compared to his neighboring trees.

Somewhere in an Oregon forest....brimming with life.

Tree bark on a big, old tree.  Looks like strands of weathered rope.

An endless sea of aspens around Crested Butte, CO.  The side-lighting from the left helped give this image depth from the side.  The inverted V-shape in the middle (look closely) provided additional depth.  It also helped that nobody else was around!

If you are wondering, I simply call this blurred aspens.  I swear I was sober as a judge when I took this image.

Great Sand Dunes National Park allows interesting vistas as well as this close-up shot.  I think it's hard to tell how far away I was when I got this shot.  (Answer:  about three feet!)

I crept under a pier in Kauai, accepted that I would get wet and got this long exposure image (under 5 seconds).  That allowed me to smooth out the waves. I was fortunate that my tripod was anchored in the sand and did not move.

The red leaves first caught my eye.  Then, these white-barked birches (?) made the rest of this composition by providing a vivid contrast.  This is around Maggie's Valley, near the Great Smoky Mountain N.P.

Two red leaves.

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