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Seriously folks, this is a special place....The Narrows in Zion N.P.

The Narrows of Zion N.P.  Worth the strenuous hike to see the majesty of steep canyon walls.

Hiking the Narrows in Zion N.P.  Lots of fall fun!  The Virgin River was about calf deep when I went into the river.  I must return!

Skyline Overlook in central Utah.  Talk about a place from another world!  This drone photo captures a sliver of the canyon floor....about a 1000 feet below where I was standing.  It is a steep drop off down to this floor.  It's a mistake you only make once. 

Goblins abound in Goblin Valley State Park, Utah

It's as if you entered another world....in Antelope Canyon, near Page, AZ.  Just natural sunlight pouring into this slot canyon.  One time that shooting at noon is the best light.  Indian guides are needed to gain access since it is on Navajo land.

This page had to include a Grand Canyon image.  Walking along the south rim for sunrise during "blue hour".  A few minutes later, no clouds, just a blue bird sky.

A lone man (no, not me) soaks in a Grand Canyon sunrise.  After he left, i ventured out there.  Quite a view.  It was not as precarious as it looks.

The Royal Gorge doesn't get old!  The location is my "back yard". 956 feet above the Arkansas River is the Royal Gorge Bridge. Cars can drive over the bridge, billed as the highest suspension bridge in America.

Arkansas River below the Royal Gorge Bridge near Canon City, CO

Sunset at the Painted Mines in Colorado.  I am not posting a location because vandals have damaged the cool rock formations.  Shame Shame!

Deadhorse Point State Park near Moab.  Good place to be for morning sunrise....and a mug of coffee!

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