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Answer:  Something just a tad out of the ordinary....Question: What is the Bisti Wilderness in New Mexico?  Correct!

Arkansas River below the Royal Gorge Bridge near Canon City, CO

Black Canyon of the Gunnison N.P.

One more for good measure....the Totem Pole in Monument Valley

I made it to White Pocket in northern Arizona. This is one unique place.  I hired a guide for this adventure rather than risk our vehicle getting stuck in the deep sand.  Heck, two blown-out tires and about 3 hours later we arrived from Kanab.

A new day dawns at Monument Valley.  A Navajo guide provided this view at just the right time of day.

The sun is setting at White Pocket.  The hexagon-shaped rocks are nick-named "brain rocks".

Seriously folks, this is a special place....The Narrows in Zion N.P.

Hiking the Narrows in Zion N.P.  Lots of fall fun!  The Virgin River was about calf deep when I went into the river.  I must return!

Famous Delicate Arch in Arches National Park--near Moab, Utah.

Goblins abound in Goblin Valley State Park, Utah

It's as if you entered another world....in Antelope Canyon, near Page, AZ.  Just natural sunlight pouring into this slot canyon. I took this photo in 2010 when "photo tours" were available.  They allowed extra time for photographers to set up for great shots.  Now, I don't believe they offer those tours.  Indian guides are needed to gain access since it is on Navajo land.

A lone man (no, not me) soaks in a Grand Canyon sunrise.  After he left, i ventured out there.  Quite a view.  It was not as precarious as it looks.

Sunset at the Painted Mines in Colorado.  I am not posting a location because vandals have damaged the cool rock formations.  Shame Shame!

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